Thinking you might have sleep apnea? Good news: you don’t have to spend a night at a sleep clinic anymore. Now you can get diagnosed in your home, all without breaking the bank, with the best at-home sleep apnea test available.

Introducing the WatchPAT ONE, a wearable device designed to help you test for sleep apnea without requiring an appointment or sleep lab visit.

With the WatchPAT ONE, you now have an easy and cost-effective way to test for sleep apnea and get treated if necessary. The entire process should take only a couple of days. You can order the device from At Home Sleep Apnea Testing, which employs the expertise of Ronald A. Popper, a board-certified sleep specialist, to review your test results and offer treatment recommendations.

Sleep apnea, a prevalent sleep disorder that affects an estimated 29.4 million individuals according to AASM data, remains largely hidden, with 80% of cases eluding detection. Undiagnosed sleep apnea poses a significant threat, potentially leading to a range of health problems, including daytime fatigue and high blood pressure that may develop into heart disease and stroke.

Don’t let yourself become another undiagnosed case. Get the help you deserve with a simple at-home sleep apnea test!

Unlike traditional diagnostic devices that are often bulky and require a lot of wires and sensors, WatchPAT ONE is a portable wrist-worn device that does not require any of that, making it convenient for you to sleep with. The sleep test kit features a wearable device, a fingertip sensor that measures blood oxygen level and heart rate, and a single sensor applied to the chest.

You need to pair the device with an associated smartphone app that submits your results after completing the test. You can expect a comprehensive report alongside treatment recommendations in 24-48 hours after test completion, which is a much shorter turnaround time compared to sleep labs, a spokesperson for At Home Sleep Apnea Testing says.

After receiving treatment recommendations, you can also opt for virtual or in-person follow-up evaluations with Ronald A. Popper. This comprehensive approach allows you to receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

A satisfied user of the WatchPAT ONE said: “I was contemplating doing a sleep study at a facility, but I am wary about sleeping at places I’m not used to. I was researching at-home sleep test kits, and this one had amazing reviews. I took the dive. It was an easy experience from start to finish. Less than a week to do the test and get a diagnosis.”

Don’t let sleep apnea continue to disrupt your life. Take charge and get diagnosed right from the comfort of your own home!

You can get started today by ordering your WatchPAT ONE Home Sleep Apnea test here.

You can get more information about Dr. Ronald Popper and our home sleep apnea test at
Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center.

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